Getting an Altafiber internet connection is one of the best ways to enhance your internet experience here is what you need to do.

Getting an Altafiber internet connection is one of the best ways to enhance your internet experience. This is possible thanks to the ultra-fast, low-latency, fiber optic internet you get with them. You also get several internet packages to work with meaning that there is an Altafiber internet plan for everyone. However, if you’re looking to get even more value out of your Altafiber internet connection, here is what you need to do.  

Understanding Your Internet Situation 

When trying to improve a situation, you need to identify need to identify the need for improvement. Once you’ve identified the need, the next step is to devise a plan of action, implement the plan, see how well it is working, and then make the necessary changes. 

In this situation, it is important that you understand your internet situation. This includes auditing the number of users that will use the internet, seeing which applications are being used, and what sort of budget is available.  

Ways To Maximize Speed And Reliability Of Altafiber Internet 

In this section, you will find out how to maximize the speed of your Altafiber internet connection. These steps will also help to improve the reliability of your connection. 

Finding The Right Internet Plan 

It is important that you find an internet plan that satiates your bandwidth needs. If you only need to check email, make Zoom calls, run MS word, and watch Netflix, the base Altafiber plan is enough. However, if you have to use project management tools, use cloud computing applications, stream in HD or 4K, and have large file transfer, you can also get Altafiber gigabit internet plans. We’ve touched more on this later on. 

Picking The Right Hardware 

Depending on the way your home is built, it is important that you pick the right type of equipment. This includes using a router that has the capacity to spread the signals. If you want to work with existing equipment, consider getting Wi-Fi extenders. If you want to completely solve the issue, opt for a mesh router system. These solutions can help evenly spread your internet signals, allowing for internet in all corners of your home. 

Router Position 

If you want an even distribution of signals in your home, ensure your router is in a central and elevated position. This reduces any obstruction from furniture, other devices, walls, and also physical human interference. You also get a more even distribution of bandwidth across your home.  

Wired Connection

As amazing as wireless internet is, it naturally suffers from interference and disruption. This can affect performance and prevents your internet connection from performing at its best. Using a wired ethernet connection solves this problem entirely. With no loss in bandwidth due to external interference, you will get all the bandwidth you want and need. This works ideally for a home office, gaming console, smart TV, and smart home interface. 

Picking An Altafiber Internet Package 

Since you’ve learned how to make the most of an Altafiber internet connection, it is important to find a plan that meets you needs. Their plans start at a modest 400 Mbps and go up to 2 Gbps, meaning there is something for everyone to pick from.  

PackagePriceInternet Speed 
Fioptics 400$39.99/month400 Mbps 
Fioptics 800$49.99/month800 Mbps
Fioptics 1 Gig$59.99/month1 Gbps
Fioptics 2 Gig$79.99/month2 Gbps

If any of these internet plans make sense to you, get in touch with Altafiber customer service!

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for the best internet service provider for your home, Altafiber is the name to go with. Being an Altafiber internet user comes with a lot of benefits and if you want to maximize the usability of your connection, this article has all the information you’ll need. These tips allow the user to be able to make the most with what they which is a lot. 

For Spanish-speaking customers, they can get in touch with Altafiber servicio al cliente to join the Altafiber family. 

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